I signed up for a free trial and they debted my acct.for 99.00 and I just signed up for the free trial and only was suppose to pay for shipping.

Like $4.95 something like that. How is it they can now debit my account. I just found out that this will happen monthly. What a scam this is!

I can not afford to have you pull out $99.00 each month. How do I cancel this? and get erased from your membership.

I do not want to pay for this product monthly and never di!Please HELP ME!

Monetary Loss: $99.

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I had the same problem with them.:(:(:(


The same thing happened to me and I was irrate! I hate it when companies take advantage of customers. I hope they go down very soon!


I tried to call and no one answered.when they did answer, it was past the 10 days, my card was charged and the product was already shipped.

I returned the stuff, but rather than give a full refund, there was a $40 restocking fee. My credit card company cannot do anything to dispute the $40 that was not refunded. I'm filing a complaint with BBB.

This is such a SCAM.Oh BTW, the trial package took 7 days to arrive so the 10 day trial was over before i could even try it.


same thing happened to me. i called and they said they will cancel it. the number is 1-800-293-6414


I'll tell my kids all the time there isn't any thing "free" in the world.

Yet I too thought it was a good deal and since it was a pop up on the Costco's web site it should be safe so I'll try it.

I just skiped over the terms and conditions and agreed to it. Jen G is totally right, read first before signing

Now I have to explaned the 3 payments of $99.00 to my wife and how $5.00 in shipping mushroomed to almost $300.00

I'm going to take Vicki's comment and cancel the auto payment and try to get some of my money back.

Thanks for everyone's comments


Call your credit card company to dispute the charge. Cancel your credit card and have a new one sent to you so charges will not longer be billed by this scam company. I'm sorry for your trouble!!


I had the same experience.Received the product.

On the third use my gums swelled and turned white. It took a whole week for them to return to normal. Unfortunately I called to cancel 2 days after the trial period. So i received another shipment and was charged $99.

When I called about returning the product, I was told there are no returns or refunds under any circumstances.Obviously they do not stand behind their product!!!!!


Consumers should be aware that just becuase they say they will give you 10 days to cancel what happends is if you order your product on Jan 1st, they wait until six or seven days before they ship your order out and the excuse is usually the same..."we have been backed up on orders" So when they ship your order out on Jan 8th, it's going to take several days for you to get it via U.S.

Postal Service. They've got you from the time you place your order. Unless you have a good 30 days for shipping and time to use the product I would not order any product regardless of the low price of $4.95 shipping cost. That's how they scam consumers who are unaware of this type of business practice.

They should be shut down by the proper authorities.

Problems is with that to happen they have to be breaking some type of law and it seems there is always some loop hole for these criminals to business owners to slide by without charges.BEWARE!!!


eww :) :grin ;) 8) :p :roll :eek :upset :zzz :sigh :? :cry :( :x


Well at least some of you received the free trial.I never got mine, and when I called, thats when they charged me for it.

I was even asked what kind of neighborhood I lived in. That is was my fault I didn't call them. That they were not responsible for the shipment. When I called back the secont time, they couldn't find my order, so they offered me a discount.

Please notice people they also have different phone numbers on which you can call them. Check out how different they treat the consumer. If you call the good line your taken care of, but if you call the other you lost your money. Scam!

Oh the second agent asked me to return the free trial after I get it.

It was mailed out that day.So whats the truth?

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